Student Success

What is 21st Century Learning?
Through the curriculum, students are making a difference in the world by participating in real word learning projects.  Students are engaged in critical thinking, problem solving, global collaboration and communication. They are excited, curious to learn and want to continue learning outside of school.  Students use technology to access information, to communicate globally, to create media productions and to collaborate with others using web2tools or social media.  How did I get started?  I navigate the web to read new information, find new learning opportunities for my students to participate in.  Here are some sites that helped me get started and that continue to help me develop 21st century skills and strategies.
Check out these sites for cool websites and strategies that support 21st century teaching!

21st Century School Teacher:
5 Traits of the 21st Century Teacher:
21st Century Schools:
33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should have:

Essential Conditions For Student Success 

  • learning goals posted
  • co-constructed anchor charts
  • learning walls, bump up walls, targets
  • oral & written feedback
  • reading & writing comprehension strategy visible in the classroom
  • co-constructed anchor chart for learning skills posted
  • differentiate learning tasks
  • daily integration of various tech tools 
  • self & peer assessment tools (exit cards)
  • eportfolios
  • classroom blog
  • online communication tools with parents 

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