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Ipads in Kindergarten
Ipads are a wonderful tool to differentiate instructions.  They provides individualize instructions for all students no matter what their needs are.  Ipads engage and enhance student's learning.  Here are some of my favorite apps and how we use them in Kindergarten.

To record & explain our thinking
ShowMe, Educreations, ScreenChomp, Explain Everything
 How do we use these apps in Kindergarten?
  • to tell our addition/subtraction stories using a ten frame or number line 
  • to explain and make graphs
  • to represent numbers in different ways
  • to sort and explain the sorting rule
  • to extend, reproduce and create patterns
  • to review their work for self-assessment
  • to receive peers feedback  
  • to share our learning with our parents through our class blog & twitter
 To Create Books
Scribble Press, Clibe, My Story, Story Buddy 3 
How do we use these apps in Kindergarten?
  • to create different class books (e.g., 100's day of School, Birthdays, Hibernation, What Sinks & Floats, How to Make Slime, What's Living & Non-Living)
  • to work on our Catholic Graduate Expectations Goal, for example in February the goal was to show kindness.  When we caught someone in our class caring, we took a picture, wrote an explanation and added it to our Caught You Caring Book.  At the end of the month we read our book and decided together who was our class student of the month. 

To Document Students Learning
  • Evernote
  • Three Ring
  • Notability:  This blog post explains how to use Notability to document in K
  • Easy Portfolio
  • Edublogs
  • Notability
To Create a Video/Slideshow
VoiceThread, Videolicious, iMovie, Animoto, Magisto, Video Star 
How do we use these apps in Kindergarten?
  • to collaborate on a persuasive oral text
  • to collaborate on analyzing the author's point of view
  • to collaborate on a video slideshow to present ourselves to send to our friends around the world
  • to predict and infer
  • to interpret a graph
  • to analyze shapes in a picture
  • to give our opinion on a book
  • to visualize, make connections or sequence
  • to collaborate on a religion theme:  What did God Create and How can we take care of it?
Scribble Press, Doodle Buddy, Skitch, ZigZag Board, Doodle Buddy, Draw & Tell, 
How do we use these apps in Kindergarten?
  • I love Skitch!  We use it to take pictures of our learning, success or inquiries, annotate them and share them with our parents on twitter.  I also like this app because I can save to Evernote!
  • to identify shapes in photos, annotate them and share our work with our parents on twitter
  • to label parts of a plant
  • to compare and measure objects
ABC Phonics, Sound Sorting, Phonics Vowels, Word Match, Word Ball

Oral Language
SpeakItToMe QuickVoice, Fotobabble, Audioboo, Tellagami, 30Hands, BuddyPoke
How do we use these apps in Kindergarten?
  • to develop our oral skills
  • to retell
  • to sequence
  • to tell a story
  • to reflect on our learning
  • for instant feedback, playback their recording and they decide if it says what they wanted to express
  • to assess student's reading  
  • to create addition and subtraction stories
  • Fotobabble is great to let the children take a picture and describe it, to infer, to explain, to make connections, to evaluate...
Sight Words, Learning A-Z, PlayTales, Piccolo Picture Books, Raz-Kids

Pic Collage, Pic Play Post, Phoster, Pic Stitch, Smilebox, Photo Mess, Blurbl

Seus Band, Songify, Garage Band,

Dreambox, Geoboard,

WeeMee, Cute Avatar, TinkaMaker, Chibis
  • post our avatar on students blog
  • use avatar picture for our wonder wall
Augmented Reality
Aurasma, AR Showcase, Flashcards, Colar Mix

Sandbox Game
Sandbox, Eden, Minecraft

Daisy Dinosaur

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