Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Having a personal learning network for me has been the best professional development.  I've been able to connect, communicate and collaborate with others teachers, school administrator and experts around the world.  My PLN allows me to contribute ideas, share knowledge, gain new perspectives on teaching strategies, stay up to date with educational issues and technology. It has improved my teaching and helped my students learn.  I am a lifelong learner and I want to model that for my students.

Who contributes to my learning?
Collaborative Tools: (These tools allow me to connect with individuals and the world.)
Social Media such as Twitter has been the best! (@cybraryman1 @mrsmartel2 @mscalarco @edutopia @_educationapps @NMHS_Principal @tdottawa  @rolat @larryferlazzo @tomwhitby @kylepace @gcouros @kathycassidy @klirenman @mrswideen)

Twitter Chats: (#kinderchat #1stchat #plocsb)

K-2 Pilot Project Building Bridges (great for group projects)

Nings:  (interested in the same topics)

Edmodo: PBL, Learning Connections, Apple

Pinterest: Mrs. Martel, Matt Gomez, Tibshirani, Maria Calarco, Christine Yarzabek

Diigo Groups: Literacy with ITC, Discovery Education Network, Educators

Information Aggregation: (These tools allow me to collect information from various sources to stay up to date on news, ideas and theories.)

RSS Readers:  Helps me keep up with my favorite blogs.(google reader, diigo)

Webinars:  EdmodoCon, Simplek12Teacher Learning Community  (live online presentations)

Websites:  Journals/Daily News: Education Week, ASCD Smartbrief, Accomplished Teachers, Smartbrief on EdTech

Books:  Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds;  Early Learning Program ETFO & Number Talks
Who Owns the Learning by Alan November, Connected from the Start: Global Learning in the Primary Grades by Kathy Cassidy,

Scoop. it! Community:  Tom D'Amico, Tibshirani, Apps for iPads...

Are you looking to start your PLN?
If you are an elementary teacher, here is a great list written by Tia Henriksen.  She has put a list together of many great blogs by grade levels.

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