March 16, 2012


Last week, I asked my students what they were going to do for March break.  Most of them said: "Play with my DS".  I was curious about what they did on this device and started asking them questions.  They all had something to say, they were very excited and passionate about their DS.  I asked my students if they would like to have a DS day on Friday and they all said: "Oh Ya!" We talked about getting permission from our principal and our parents.  We talked about what we could bring to school if we didn't have a DS.

So, last Friday my students brought their DS to school!  There was excitement in the class! The students who did not have a DS brought their leap frogs.  I also had a couple of ipods, netbooks and the smartboard available.  The students  were fast to get those devices out and get to work.  The goal was to explain to their teacher and friends how to play their favorite games using sequencing words.  This month's reading strategy focus was sequencing and this was the perfect activity to see what my students had learned about sequencing.  All students did a fantastic job!  I heard them say first, next, then, last.  They could all explain a game in order using sequencing words.  I was so proud of them!  What I also saw, was students sharing their devices and games.  I saw students discovering what the 3rd month of the year was.  I observed them problem-solving and taking turns.  The students were respectful and gentle with the devices. I saw good manners.  I saw learning and I saw them having fun!  At the end of the day, the students said to me:  "Maybe we could have another BYOD day".  I smiled and said absolutely we can!

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