March 18, 2012

Pilot Project Global Collaboration!

My application to be part of this global project was accepted!   I am so excited that my senior kindergartens will be participating in a global collaboration project around the world.  The pilot project is called:  Building Bridges for Tomorrow K-2.  The students will be connecting, communicating and collaborating in a global project.  There are many wonderful opportunities for students to connect using technology tools.  However the aim in this project is also to encourage students in different places to collaborate, not just communicate, and to enhance understanding of cultures and life styles beyond the immediate classroom. 

Building Bridges has attracted over 40 classrooms to join the pilot project.  Teachers from Turkey, USA, China, Australia, Canada are excitedly joining their social networking and grouping together to work on this project.  We are connecting through blackboard, nings, wiki space and gmail.  We've been grouped into 3's as sub-groups of the project and given one of these theme to work with:  how we Play, Celebrating Together, going to School, Part of a Family, Sharing Stories and The View from the Window.  We are discussing outcomes such as co-created product from mixed classrooms, e-books, video to be shared via a variety of multimedia producst e.g., Voicethread, Glodgster...

My classroom has been grouped with a class from Istanbul in Turkey and a class from Colorado in USA to work on the themes:  The View from the Window and Sharing Stories. Last week our challenge was to create a handshake activity that would introduce the teachers and students to each other.

During the months of March and April, we will be using different social media tools in the class to communicate and interact with our group (e.g., Skype, Twitter).  Also, we will be sharing photographs, pictures, videos, and voice recordings to work together on our theme (e.g., e-books).  We are excited to be part of this project and look forward to learning with our new friends!

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