August 3, 2012

Kinderblog2012 Final Question!

Here is the final assignment for Kinderchat's Summer Blogging Challenge!

If we're honest, we all have days when, for any number of reasons (lack of sleep, family issues, minor illness, idiopathic crankiness...) we are just not at our best. There are days when, in any other line of work, we would probably call in sick, but we don't because we know the impact of our absence is so great. What are your survival tips and tricks to get yourself and your students through those days in one piece? Special supplies to keep on hand? Treats that get you through? Lifesaving lessons or activities?   
This month, thousands of brand new teachers will enter their first classrooms and face their very first class of students (some of them within just a few days.)  Share the tricks you wish someone had told you (or maybe the tricks you are grateful someone shared!). 

 My Survival Tips or Tricks:
  •  Tell the students when you are not feeling good they will understand and you will be impressed how well they adjust.  I've gotten sick in my class in the middle of the day.  It's amazing how the students knew right away that I wasn't feeling good.  They were very concerned and they took care of me.  They asked me what hurt and got the "doctor" to come see me.  They brought me a blanket and made me soup at the kitchen center.  They made me pictures and wrote me get well wishes.  They told each other that Ms. Alvarez was sick and not to disturb me.   As I sat on the rocking chair in pain,  I was so thankful to have such caring students! 
  • Laryngitis:   Teach with pictures, signs and make Voki's.  The kids love it and they think it's sooooo funny!
  • Hyperexcited students:  Create a Webmix on Symbaloo with various dance, yoga exercises and physical activities that will shake the student's sillies and tire them out. 
  • Keep treats in your desk drawer:  Jelly beans, jujubes and marshmallows for the students and sour peaches, salt & vinegar rice cakes or chips for me.
  • My Emergency Activities:  Leap Frog's DVD (Letter, Word, Numbers...), outdoor play and bingo games.
  • Develop your support system.  Somebody who genuinely care about you, will listen, encourage you, guide you and help you.  Accept their help (e.g., when they offer to take your class for a period of time) and remember to pay it forward.
  • Rough Morning!  I treat myself to Starbucks!  For some reason a latte makes me feel better!

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