October 28, 2015

The Power of Questions

Six years ago, I created a class blog to help parents start the conversation at home about what their child was learning in class.  I thought that by sharing with them in photos, videos and texts what their child was learning, it would help their child recall the events of the day. A class blog would help solve the problem when parents would ask "What did you do at school today?"  and their child respond: "Nothing".  

The class blog has given the parents an opportunity to see and hear what their child is learning on a daily basis.  After attending a professional learning group today, I am wondering if perhaps we need to build capacity with parents in asking the right questions. Open ended questions are very powerful! When we ask the right questions, we get information.  Here is a great video that explains the power of questions!   Let's encourage the parents to: "Instead of asking their child: What did you do at school today? Let's start asking what questions did you ask?"

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