About Me

Hi!  My name is Ms. Alvarez. I am a English and French Kindergarten Teacher in Ontario, Canada.  I have a Bachelor of Education, a Baccalaureate in Psychoeducation and a Social Worker Diploma.  I consider myself as a lifelong learner who enjoys new challenges.

The teaching profession is constantly evolving and innovation in teaching requires new learning strategies.  I strive to keep myself informed and gain knowledge in order to be the best educator that I can be.  Presently iPads and 21st century learning are my learning goals.  

In June 2011, I entered the 21st century teaching contest in my school board and I received the innovative teacher award for elementary.  In June 2012, my application for a 21st Century Innovative Teaching project was selected.  The project (eportfolios) focuses on engagement as a mean to increase student achievement, promotes differentiated instruction, communication, creativity, collaboration and inquiry.

I am trilingual. I speak, write and read Spanish, French and English. My Spanish culture is very important to me and I continue to celebrate my Spanish traditions and customs with my family and friends.

I love being a teacher, creating fun as well as meaningful and exciting activities for my students.   I do my best to support my student's learning and independence in a loving manner.  I strive to make my classroom developmentally appropriate and centered on the needs of all my students while providing a rich learning experience.  My classroom is a safe, supportive and respectful environment where good behavior and manners are rewarded daily. 

Finally, if I love being a Kindergarten teacher is that I strongly believe that students who love coming to school (in Kindergarten) will stay in school for a very long time and achieve whatever their hearts desire.

Other fun facts about me:
I love to travel and go to the beach.
I love to dance and listen to Latin music.
I am addicted to Twitter! Best PLN! 
I enjoy watching the FIFA World Cup Soccer.

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