August 22, 2013

Summer Reading

Are you looking for a great resource to help you get your class connected with others and collaborate online?  I strongly suggest that you read Connected from the Star: Global Learning in the Primary Grades by Kathy Cassidy. In this ebook, grade one teacher Kathy Cassidy explains how she uses different tools (e.g, class blog, Skype, Twitter, YouTube, Wikis, Google Docs, blogs as digital portfolio) to connect her 6 and 7 year old students to the world so that they can become global learners. This ebook has many links with real examples of her students using these tools.  It's a practical resource to support teachers in preparing their students for success in this digital world! 

As I continue my learning journey on how my classroom can use technology to connect with the world, I will remember that it's not about the technology but how connecting can help my students learn in ways that were not possible before the  internet, iPads, video chats...  I am thankful that I connected with Kathy via #1stchat two years ago and that she has shared and continues to share her learning journey with others.  She inspires me to try new things.  It is because of her, that last year I stopped using file folders for students portfolios and started using blogs for digital portfolios! 

In a couple of weeks, it's back to school!  I will continue to have a class blog, use Twitter, Skype, Google Docs and blogs as digital portfolios with my Kindergarten students.  I am wondering what are my next steps?  There are so many possibilities to connect my classroom to the world! I have already signed up for the global read aloud and the primary blogging.  Also, I am interested in exploring the following global projects:  Looking Closely Collaborative ProjectGenius HourePals and Global Cardboard Challenge.  There are so many great possibilities!  How will you connect your classroom to the world this year?

Click here to buy the ebook!  

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