November 22, 2012

Wii in Kindergarten

Video games in a Kindergarten classroom... seems like a crazy idea!  I've been reading about many success stories where students have been using video games to improve their numeracy and literacy skills.   These stories inspired me to "gamify" my classroom. Why not use digital games to engage students in their leaning? All children love the Wii, why not use it to motivate them to learn their 1,2,3's and A,B, C's?  It's only been a couple of days since the Wii has been in our classroom and already I can see how this game gets all the kids excited to learn.  The students are learning math skills, cooperation skills, taking turns, problem solving, sharing...  One student said: "I like this learning game".  The students are learning many different skills all while having fun! 

Here is how the Wii will be used in our classroom:
  • Will for physical fitness and exercise
  • Wii for dance and movement
  • Wii for math
  • Wii for problem solving
  • Wii for science and geography
  • Wii for literacy
  • Wii for learning skills
Have you or would you considered "gamifying" your classroom?  

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